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I have started adding the research results to the database for three other distinct groups of Housemans, around Little Ribston,
Marton cum Grafton and Bolton Percy.
These can be viewed as separate trees on the database

This fully searchable database is the heart of this web site. You may be thinking that for a genealogy site this one is lacking in Family Trees. This is because the software used here ( The Next Generation ) generates all the trees and reports as you require them. ( automatically updating the pages as the information in the underlying database changes ). You always see the most up to date information.

You can start with a simple name search, simply following the link on any of the names in the list that is generated will take you to that individual’s details. This simple search works on a ‘contains’ basis so for example searching for the forename ‘John’ will bring up John as a first or middle name, ‘Ann’ will give you ‘Anne’, ‘Annabel’, ‘Mary Ann’ etc.

For a more specific query there is the Advanced Search that allows you to search by dates, date ranges, place names etc.

Once you have selected an individual you can display their information as part of an :
This page shows all information for the individual selected, including  date of birth, marriage & death.

It also shows the names of parents, spouse and children. Details of residence & occupations taken from the census as well as photographs are included in this page.  
Individual’s fact page  
The Ancestor’s tree shows a graphical representation of the parents, grandparents and great grandparents etc for any individual along with photographs where available.

The default tree starts with 4 generations showing ( this can be increased but the page will become wider and you will need to scroll to see the full page.

Wherever you see the     icon, you can click to show the ancestors of this individual. Moving the mouse over the     icon will display further information and immediate descendants.

When you see the      icon, the generation to the right will be shown from this individual if you click on it.     
Ancestor’s Tree ( in Standard, Compact or Box or Text form )
The Ascendant’s table ( also known as Ahnentafel ) lists all the
generations in tabular form, complete with all children and birth, marriage and death information.

Ahnentafel charts can show a great deal of information in a compact form. Study the structure of these charts and you will come to understand how generations fall and the relationships between individuals.

Learning the numbering system is the key to understanding this type of document.
Ancestor’s Table ( in Ahnentafel form )
The Descendant’s tree ( with photographs ) displays all family members starting as far back as the family tree goes up to the individuals selected.

Again use the       and     icons as above ( Ancestor’s tree ).
Descendant’s Tree  ( in Standard, Compact or Text form )
Descendant’s Table ( in Register Form )
The Descendant’s table lists all generations in a ‘register’ form for the individual selected.
                                                 pdf reports can be produced and printed in each one by selecting the pdf option

Clicking on a Group Sheet ID Number will give you the Family Group report. In any of these views you can follow the links through earlier and later generations.

You can also view Photographs and Documents by using the links provided.

There is also a Surname search. ‘Houseman ‘ is the most popular surname but there is a lot of information on related families that may be of use to you.

Whilst the information in this database comes directly from my Houseman databases, it is YOUR database as it incorporates not only my own research but also information from the many people that  I have been in contact with over the past 7 years, as well as information  published on the internet and elsewhere.
Thank you to everyone for their contributions.  

I have done my best to ensure that the information has been entered accurately and have cross checked it wherever possible, but if you spot any errors or omissions please let me know and I will correct them ( this can be done by selecting the Suggest tab on the menu bar of an individual’s page ). The database is by no means complete and new information about existing and new individuals is being added continuously. The site’s database will be regularly updated. If you have information or queries that you would like to share with me I would be very  happy to hear from you.

GRO ( General Records Office ) references for Births, Marriages and Deaths can be found by clicking on the appropriate link on the top right hand side of this page.

These have kindly been extracted by Colin Houseman.